Wedding Videography FAQ

1. Do you do luncheons wedding videography and able to provide highlight before 2nd March?

Yes, we do luncheons and able to provide highlight, do check with us for more detail on the package.

2. What is your rate for your package?

Do contact us (aferriswheel) via email and we will update the latest pricing package.

3. Is your package fix or can we customize the wedding videography package?

No, our packages are not fix.  We can customize the package to your need and requirement and you may contact us (aferriswheel) via email.

4. What kind of equipments will be used during the event?

We are using DSLR for all our event, which include sony cameras, prime lens, tripod, monopod, slider, stabilizer etc for videography.

5. How many years of experience do your company have in wedding videography service?

We had been working as freelance videographers for 2 years before 2012 and since after we envisage to work together and start this company even since 2012 and here we are.