JP: Alex Tan Yan Boon
Location: Mandarin Oriental, Singapore

By ending our 2014, we are on our last wedding project of 2014 to celebrate this joyous occasion with the couple Desmond and Hui Chian. It was a blessing for the couple as for the past few days, it had been raining but it was all sunny during the actual day. Moreover, we think it worked well as everything went smoothly with everyone stay fresh with no mad rush since the couple had decided to split to their wedding to 2 consecutive days, where on the Saturday it was Chinese wedding customary and Sunday, was the banquet reception.

The couple who had know each other for 7 years, is awesome, prefect match where they are very genuine and thankful for everyone who helped and turned up at their wedding.

We would say everything was so prefect for their wedding with the beautiful gown, venues, people and also the couple! Thank you so much Desmond and Hui Chian for having us to be able to witness and capture all the little kisses and glances. Please enjoy your wedding photo!

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