We remembered when we first met Oliver and Evelyn, they mentioned to us, they loved the video that we captured for Ray and Hui Shi and that the reason why they chose us for their Actual Day wedding too. We are extremely delighted that they appreciated the work that we crafted and it made the whole process of discussion really at ease and well connected with the couple.

In all the wedding that we had came across, all the couples wanted their wedding to be planned as prefect as possible. Oliver and Evelyn are no exemption, they want the best for their wedding and it turned out as smooth sailing as it could be where they had their traditional wedding ceremony- tea ceremony, gate crash and the dashing and honourable sword bearing (commando officers) march in and not forgetting one of their most important moment of the day – matrimony with their wedding vows.

We love seeing those emotions, laughters, tears in their wedding and especially those personalise vows prepared by the couple that make their wedding video to be unique to them and also allowed us to understand more of themselves when they are together and how grateful they are for each other.

Nevertheless, let us introduced Oliver and Evelyn wedding to you.

And like always, we would like to thanks Oliver and Evelyn for choosing us, without you, we would not be able to share your wonderful wedding story here.

Lastly, we would like to wish you both eternal love and happiness in your marriage!