Description: Singapore, Marina Bay Sands

As the story continue, Jin Wei and Wood finally decided to tie the knot. In this close door event of their ROM, they invited their close family to witness their matrimony.

As always everyone has their unique love story and to us we are always touched and heartwarmed whenever the couple say their vows. For instance, this sentence as mentioned by Jin Wei “To electrify our life with sweet and enduring passion and motivation.” Time seems to stop between the couple and sweetness filling the whole room. Even ourself after hearing the vows, are sure they are prefect match for each other.
We are very fortunate and honour that Jin Wei and Wood engaged us after they saw our video in many years during Chris and Zephyr wedding. And till now, they still remember us and decided to entrust us to capture in their important day.
Thanks Jin Wei and Wood for this unique experience of your wedding, we hope you love as much as you do. And we are thankful for your hospitality in both our ROM and Pre Wedding days, where we had a great time spent together having fun and sweating!
Enjoy this video and may this video will keep encircle your life with wonderful memories!

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