Location: Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

Ya is true, another lunch wedding express highlight.
We have known Joseph Chye and Xinni Lin since last year where Joseph approach us to capture his surprise proposal specially prepared for Xinni.
And today, we are privileged to be engage by the couple again to capture their lunch wedding.
They are lovely couple who we could felt the strong chemistry between the both of them.
While waiting for Xinni (looking stunning in her wedding dress) to walk the isle for their ROM, we could felt that Joseph, equally handsome in his suit, was anxious and could not wait for the ROM to start soon.
And in this moment it did felt magical and beautiful to us.
Although, the day start early and there were overrun of the program timings, everything still did turn out well and smooth with all the helps of their families and friends.
We would like to thank the couple for their hospitality and treating us like a close friends to them and also entrusting us to provide same day edit within a short time frame.
We hope that you will love the same day edit as much as we do!
Congrats once again from aferriswheel team.

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