Leo and Kin Sing Wedding

Location: Raffles Town Club

It is our hounor to be able to witness the union of Leo and Kin Sing. We remembered when we met up with Leo and Kin Sing, our impression of Leo was very quiet and man with few words. And most of the time Kin Sing was leading the discussion.

But on their wedding day, we witness a different side of Leo who is talented. He sang a few songs delicated for his wife where he displayed his affection to his beloved wife in front of their guests with his charmistic performance. Kin Sing on other hand, is cheerful and friendly and she is always feel relax with us around and giving us the opportunity to capture the geniune moments. And we are truely blessed to have such a wonderful couple.

And not forgetting the Sisters of Kin Sing who are super duper friendly people that we encountered. They are super enthusiastic and excited with the gate crash games and they had self invest the new version of Tang Yuan filled with all sort of ingredient like chocolate, chilli etc. (Great inspiration!) But luckily the Brothers were smart and bought along a secret weapon!

Overall, we would say the wedding is full of laughter,fun and moments that we are very excited to share same day edit! To Leo and Kin Sing, thank you for choosing us and we do hope you like your video as much as we do!

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