Location: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore.

It was not the first time that we met Wilson and Suqi and we absolutely did not feel like strangers to the couple. Wilson and Suqi was actually the brother and sister in the wedding of Kang Wei and Yu Ting. Yes, it was referral of contact but guess what, you might have thought that Kang Wei and Yu Ting were the couple who refer Wilson and Suqi to us. In actual fact, it was the other way round. Suqi, after engaging us, inform her good sister, Yu Ting and soon after everything was history.

Despite raining, tiredness, the wedding of Wilson and Suqi was successfully planned and as we all have witness, it turned out to be awesome, even though it was a wedding lunch and there was slight rush of time.

A big thank you to Wilson and Suqi for so accommodating to us and also trusting us for the shoot although the schedule was too tight. We are glad to be able to capture your important milestone of your life and we like to wish you both happy blissful marriage!


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